Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery in Chicago, IL

Your facial structures and jawbones perform many functions. The bones and soft tissues are arranged to allow you to breathe, eat, and talk while giving your face its shape. Unfortunately, these structures get traumatized through injury or a medical condition, reducing their functionality. 

At Millennium Park Oral Surgery, we use modern techniques and methods to complete reconstructive surgery that will restore the shape and function of your facial structures.

What is Reconstructive Surgery?

Surgery to reconstruct the mouth, jaws, and face tissues is known as oral reconstructive surgery. This includes:

  • Soft tissues in the cheeks
  • Palate
  • The floor of the mouth
  • The skin on the face
  • Jawbone
  • Tongue muscle

These complex structures are critical for healthy teeth and appropriate speaking, swallowing, and feeding.

These structures must be rebuilt utilizing various complicated procedures, including using the patient’s own and synthetic tissues. Sometimes, a modest amount of reconstruction is required, such as placing a dental implant. However, some cases require a more significant operation, such as bone transplantation from the leg following extensive cancer removal.

When Reconstructive Surgery Is Needed

A wide variety of conditions can necessitate oral reconstructive surgery. Something as simple as a tooth infection can result in bone loss in the jaw and require bone grafting before implant placement.

 Other more serious issues, such as jaw, lip, or tongue cancer, may require the removal of a sizable portion of the mouth and jaw. This would frequently call for reconstructive surgery using free flaps, which involves moving tissue from one body part to another. 

Millennium Park Oral Surgery Reconstructive Surgical Procedures 

Our surgeons undergo extensive training to perform a long list of surgical procedures. They are committed to delivering the highest quality of care to patients regardless of the complexity of the treatment. 

Facial Trauma Reconstruction 

Face trauma management and treatment are specialties of our team. They treat different types of injuries as well as simple and complicated face skin lacerations (cuts), broken jaw and facial bones, severed nerves and ducts, and other facial injuries. They are experts at treating oral tissues, jaws, cheeks, nasal bones, forehead, and eye sockets.

Microvascular Reconstruction

Microvascular flap surgery (free tissue transfer) is a procedure that reconstructs deformities in the head and neck caused by tumors, facial injuries, or infections by moving a patient’s own tissue from one place of the body to another. The surgeon can auto-transplant any

tissue, including bone, muscle, and skin.

Reconstructive head and neck surgery

Millennium Park Oral Surgery surgeons use modern reconstructive surgery to treat post-trauma and cancer-related head and neck issues. Our experienced doctors provide the whole spectrum of reconstructive surgical techniques, such as microvascular free flap procedures and treating abnormalities with synthetic and autogenous bone grafting.  We can use human tissue from various body areas to reconstruct your bone, muscle, skin, and mucosa. 

Nose reconstruction

Millennium Park Oral Surgery dentists have experience treating nasal skin cancer, broken noses, previous nasal surgeries, functional breathing issues resulting from broken noses, and congenital issues, such as cleft lip. Patients who have recently broken their noses should be checked out five to ten days after the incident because they could be candidates for office-based reduction of a displaced nasal bone fracture. This reduction may eliminate the need for surgery. 

Patients with long-standing nasal fractures that cause a deformity or trouble breathing through the nose may be candidates for septorhinoplasty to correct their issue. For patients who have prior nasal surgery with disappointing outcomes, our surgeons can also undertake revision


Mohs Reconstruction

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon may do Mohs Reconstruction of the head and neck after performing Mohs Surgery to eradicate skin cancer. The most incredible cure rates come from a Mohs surgery. Significant abnormalities may require repair under sedation or general anesthesia when skin cancer has been removed. We have a great deal of expertise doing surgery to close these substantial abnormalities while the patient is comfortably sedated.

You’re In Good Hands at Millennium Park Oral Surgery 

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