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Cyst and tumor

Cysts and Benign Tumors Specialist in Chicago, IL

Have you noticed a growth, lump, or sore in your mouth that won’t heal? You may have an oral cyst or tumor. While these words concern some patients, many growths are benign (not harmful). However, they can significantly damage the surrounding tissue, bone, and teeth, depending on the size and severity of the growth. 

Cysts and tumors can sometimes indicate more significant problems, like oral cancer. Assessing and monitoring their occurrence is essential to your health. Millennium Park Oral Surgery has a team of dedicated professionals who evaluate, diagnose, and treat various cysts and tumors in and around the jaw and teeth.

What Are Cysts and Tumors? 

A cyst is an abnormal sac or pocket that may contain fluid. These growths can develop in your bone or soft tissues and impact your surrounding oral structures. Large cysts can make your jawbone more susceptible to breaking or loosening and shift your teeth.  

Tumors are solid to semi-solid masses made of abnormal cells. These masses can be placed into broader categories: cancerous (malignant) and non-cancerous (benign). 

Anyone can be affected by cysts and oral tissue or jawbone tumors. However, a few factors put you at an increased risk, including: 

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Irritation caused by improperly fitting dentures 
  • Poor nutrition
  • Alcohol and tobacco consumption
  • Rough tooth surfaces 

This area of your body is more susceptible to developing cysts and tumors because of the variety of tissues in your oral cavity. Your mouth is the only part of your body with muscles, bones, blood vessels, glands, nerves, taste buds, and mucosa.  

Symptoms of a Cyst or Tumor 

Any time you experience abnormal discomfort in and around your mouth, jaw, or face, it could be a symptom of a cyst or tumor. However, if you have any of the following examples, make an appointment with an expert from Millennium Park Oral Surgery immediately: 

  • Chronic sore throat or hoarseness
  • Trouble swallowing or chewing
  • Sores that bleed easily and won’t heal 
  • White or gray patches 
  • Reddish patches 
  • Thickening of the tissues

Our surgeons will order the necessary testing to complete an accurate diagnosis before recommending a treatment plan. 

Treating a Cyst or Tumor at Millennium Park Oral Surgery 

The treatment plan for your cyst or tumor highly depends on the type of growth you have and what stage it is in. Your condition could require surgically removing or altering the mass. Some treatment plans require the use of medications.  

These procedures are safe when completed by an experienced oral surgeon, like those from Millennium Park Oral Surgery. Our team has performed thousands of similar surgeries to help patients reach their goals. Like any surgery, there are risks and potential complications involved. However, your surgeon will discuss those in greater detail when reviewing your unique treatment plan.    

Find Your Solutions at Millennium Park Oral Surgery 

If you’ve been diagnosed with or suspect you have a cyst or tumor, one of our talented oral surgeons from Millennium Park Oral Surgery can help. We’ll discuss your treatment options and recommend the best solution.

Contact Millennium Park Oral Surgery today to schedule your consultation.   


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