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When being evaluated for dental implants, Millennium Park Oral Surgery surgeons utilize CBCT imaging (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) to capture different angles of your mouth. It’s a non-invasive way for our experts to get a complete picture of your oral cavity. This technology helps us prepare with significant precision for tooth extraction or dental implant placement. 

What is Cone Beam CT Imaging? 

A Cone Beam CT scan is a 3D imaging service that rotates around your head to capture images that reproduce your facial structures. Surgeons can analyze your facial bones, teeth, ears, nose, and throat without distortion. One scan can provide 150 to 700 panoramic, high-quality dental images, aiding in a thorough dental evaluation. 

Why Does an Oral Surgeon Use CBCT Imaging? 

Millennium Park Oral Surgeons often use CBCT imaging for treatment planning complex cases. Some typical applications we utilize this technology for include the following: 

  • Surgical planning for impacted teeth 
  • Evaluation of the sinuses, jaw, nasal cavity, and nerve canal
  • Surgical planning for dental implants 
  • Diagnosing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder
  • Determining bone structure and tooth direction
  • Finding the source of pain or pathology 
  • Detecting, measuring, and treating jaw tumors 
  • Reconstructive surgery 

We provide CBCT imaging and interpretation for 4 volume sizes: single site, single or both jaws, and total volume.

What Are The Benefits of Dental CBCT Imaging? 

CBCT scans are essential for providing high-quality surgical treatment planning and helping you achieve complete dental health. There are many benefits to getting a CBCT scan at Millennium Park Oral Surgery:

CBCT scans provide: 

  • Comprehensive information about your oral health 
  • Higher-quality and more accurate images 
  • Lower doses of radiation 
  • Early detection and diagnosis of pathology in the facial region 

With CBCT imaging, our surgeons can better analyze the location and orientation of roots, sinuses, and nerves to create your custom treatment plan. 

The CBCT Imaging Procedure 

You must remove anything that may impede the production of a clear image. These items may include jewelry, glasses, and hearing aids. Women should alert the surgeon or x-ray technician if there is any chance that they are pregnant.

You’ll be asked to sit or stand within the machine for your scan. You’ll get placed so the area of interest is positioned within the beam and asked to remain still. The X-ray equipment will rotate around you 360 degrees for approximately 15-20 seconds.

The results will be 150-200 2D images that are digitally combined to create a three-dimensional image to provide valuable information regarding your oral health.

Patients do not experience any discomfort during this procedure. They can return to their routine once the scan is complete. All CBCT imaging at Millennium Park Oral Surgery is safe and approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Dental Association (ADA).   

CBCT Scans to Improve Your Treatment Outcomes 

Do you need a more comprehensive look at your dental health for implant placement? Millennium Park Oral Surgery uses innovative technology to provide the best possible care for our patients. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and CBCT scan to see what’s possible for your smile. 


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