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Modern medicine is advancing at a rapid pace. As a result, many innovative treatments are available to help restore lost bone structure. One such treatment is bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) therapy. At Millennium Park Oral Surgery, our experienced surgeons use this therapy during jaw surgery and bone grafting to encourage your body’s natural regenerative process.

What is Bone Morphogenetic Protein? 

Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) is an artificial grafting material. It is a protein that encourages the formation of bone. This protein is applied to a collagen sponge and placed in the jaw’s weak areas to trigger your body to generate new bone material. 

After a few months, we can check the new level of bone in your mouth. Your surgeon will place more BMP into the area if there isn’t enough growth. For most patients, it takes approximately six months to form enough bone that will allow us to begin dental implant procedures.  

Why We Use BMP at Millennium Park Oral Surgery 

We want to provide our patients with the best care possible, and BMP can help us do that. Bone loss occurs for numerous reasons, especially after a tooth extraction. Using BMP helps regain the lost bone and supports a dental implant. BMP therapy can expedite attaching the dental implant to the bone and repair bone defects related to trauma or oncologic surgery.

Patient Benefits of BMP

Like any procedure performed by a Millennium Park oral surgeon, you can bet there are benefits to BMP. One of the most significant is that it is a less invasive procedure that reduces your recovery time. The risk for complications of traditional bone grafting, like bleeding and swelling, is reduced. There is no risk of rejecting the material because your body produced it. 

Treating patients with BMP can prevent the need for added surgical procedures before implant placement. Because there are no extra incisions from a donor site, using BMP minimizes additional pain and discomfort. 

The BMP Treatment Process 

One of our expert surgeons typically extracts your own bone to begin the process. However, it can be sourced from a certified bone bank. You will work with our team to decide which source is best suited for your case. 

At Millennium Park Oral Surgery, we also use advanced technology, like Cone Beam imaging, to better understand your condition and develop a treatment plan that is ideal for you. Using these diagnostic tests, we can determine the best place for BMP to stimulate bone regeneration for your dental implant placement. 

Once your custom treatment plan is created, we schedule your procedure. On the day of treatment, your surgeon will numb the area and use sedation techniques to make the process as comfortable as possible. BMP therapy is administered via the collagen sponge, followed by a mesh material for protection.

Your surgeon then sutures the gums to promote fast healing and fusion, allowing your body to create a solid foundation for future dental treatment. 

After treatment, your surgeon will provide you with post-operative care that may include antibiotics and pain management medication. Take these prescriptions as directed to prevent infection and minimize discomfort. We will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your healing and determine when it’s appropriate to move forward with the next phase of treatment.   

Safe, Effective Technology at Millennium Park Oral Surgery 

BMP is a safe and effective treatment option to encourage optimal bone growth. Millennium Park Oral Surgeons have extensive training and experience using this innovative therapy to help patients achieve their desired results. 

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